onsdag 26 maj 2010

Mikael Åkerfeldt och Steven Wilson skriver musik tillsammans

Jag läste på Mikael Åkerfeldts numera avsomnade MySpace-blogg att han börjat skriva musik tillsammans med en vän och då har man förstås ställt sig frågan vem det kunnat vara? Svaret får man i den här intervjun som Chordstruck Magazine har haft med Steven Wilson att de två har börjat komponera och sättet Wilson beskriver det på gör det inte mindre intressant:

I started writing with Mikael [Åkerfeldt] last month, finally. It’s still in the very early days. We wrote about 15 minutes of music last month in my studio near London and we’re very excited about it. I think people are going to be very surprised by the direction. If they’re expecting some kind of death-metal-progressive rock, they’re going to be surprised [because] it’s not like that.
If you put the two of us together, the last thing we’re going to do is something similar to what people already know from our most high profile project. It’s very arty, very ambitious; it’s going to be epic. We’re still writing. [It’s going to be] very dark, very twisted, very experimental. It’s still rock music, but we’re trying to do something really, really special and really different with this.

Ska bli mycket kul att höra vad dessa båda herrar kokar ihop.

Vidare pratar han om den uppenbara likheten mellan "Time Flies" och Pink Floyds "Animals" som jag undrade över i
min recension av "The Incident":

This is one case where it was a deliberate homage to the music that first turned me on to wanting to make music, myself. "Time Flies" is really a song about my childhood and about certain landmark events and incidents in my childhood that did change the path of my life – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.
In this case, one of the landmark events was hearing my father listening to this record [Pink Floyd’s "Animals"]. For the time in my life, I felt strongly about music. I think, for once in my life, the Floyd comparison doesn’t annoy me.

En matnyttig intervju som avslöjar lite nyheter. Läs den även om jag berättat det viktigaste från den.

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